Legend Writing

Once Upon a Time in Noa’s Village , there’s many, many families. Every family was perfect; they had lots of food and lots of water and many many clothes. There were lots of traditions in the village. Everyone loved each other, everyone was friends with each other and everyone was considered family. Everyone loved it there  in Noa’s Village except for one girl her name was Olivia she was wild and adventurous. and was a bit of a tomboy. She did not like the traditions of the village. She thought everyone should be allowed to decide what they do.

The Problem was…     In their culture they had lots of different and silly holidays like The Four Seasons  day .  That is when they celebrated the four elements and the Four Seasons Winter, spring, fall, summer .The elements were Earth fire water and   air . The Four Seasons  day was coming up and everyone in the village was setting  up .Olivia Said to her mother,

“I want to skip Four Seasons Day this year is that okay ” Her mother was Furious. She  said,

 “here we celebrate all of the holidays you are part of a family and you will celebrate all of them ” Olivia was so mad so she went to her best friend Noa. She told her about the holidays and how she didn’t want to celebrate them cuz she thought they were silly. Noa was always so supportive. Noah said I don’t understand why you Wouldn’t want to celebrate the holidays but that’s okay. Noah told Olivia all about her family heirloom it was a map showing giant rock monster  all the way across the world one taker 18 years to  get to the Giant.

Olivia tried to sneak out at night but she made too much noise and couldn’t get over the special fence. their Village was surrounded with a metal fence that was 8 ft tall. Olivia tried to climb the fence obviously didn’t work .

The new  plan worked! Olivia Found out she needs to dig a hole because that is the only way to get out of the Village.Olivia had planned out the whole thing she was packed and packed with clothes and food she had extra sleeping bags and a lot of money I knew this would be a very long trip 18 year  ( I am exaggerating).  Olivia was ready to work long hard and she knew it would be a very long time till she got to the Rock Giant. Olivia was on her way